Glimpses of Sulawesi

In this post I would like to share two snap shots from South Sulawesi, Indonesia. They were taken in a small village called Desa Lagori up in the hills somewhere near Watampone (more commonly known as Bone). After a good night's sleep in a village house surround by cocoa trees I woke up to a wet morning with fresh crispy clean air and while my travel companions continued their snooze two young boys guided me to the nearest air terjun (waterfall), there were many others in the area, I was told. Like the boys, on my feet I was only wearing rubber slippers, but luckily I had my compact Coolpix S8 with me.To capture the water motion in this shot I set the mode to "Fireworks" in the scene menu and placed the camera on my hat on a rock and use the self-timer so as not to shake the camera. :)

My two young guides at the top of the stream, urging me to climb higher, "ada lagi di atas, Pak!" (there are more (waterfalls) up there!).

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