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Bonvenon al mia unua blogo! Welcome!

This is not a blog only about dragonflies, nor about insects or wildlife, or esperanto, it's about everything or can be about anything, depending on what the blogger needs to wash out of his brain at the moment in time when he puts fingertips to keyboard!

Saluton to my polyglot friends! What do you call a dragonfly in your own language? I try to make a list in the languages that I speak or at least know a few words of. I'm surprised that I don't (or didn't until just now) know, even in dialects and languages that I'm fluent in!

I know some languages or dialects or even people of different localities in whatever language have different words for dragonfly and damselfly as in English. But for my purpose I would like to consider all members of the Odonata Order as Dragonfly to simplify things.

The list, in no particular order (therefore no favouritism shown to any particular tongue):

Dragonfly (english), Ching-ting 蜻蜓(chinese-putonghua), Pepatung or Patung-patung (bahasa malaysia - just found out!), Tutubi (tagalog), Alindanaw (cebuano), Libelo (esperanto), Tombo とんぼ (japanese).

That's all I can list without cheating (i.e. googling!)

I will try to add to the list in future posts, and would appreciate if any kind souls who chance upon this blog of mine may want to help add his or her word to the list.

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